Lebron James Bobblehead



Don’t tell the other bobbles this one but this is one of my favorites. However, I got a new round of pretty cool ones but this one will always be up there. There are only 300 of these bad boys made so I’m pretty happy to own one.

I love Lebron James. By far my favorite basketball player but Miami Lebron is my favorite. I don’t care for the team Cleveland. I solely pull for them because of Lebron but when he hit Miami I was esctatic.

And I loved when he first brought out the silencer and made that a thing.

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Not to mention Miami’s uniforms are so much better than the Cavs. These throwback red uniforms are fire. So whenever I saw this bobblehead I had to have it.

People go way out of the way to hate this man. It’s really uncalled for. But no one is hated who isn’t great, remember that. But how could you hate this:

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As I said I went to the 2013 NBA Finals and saw him play. That was awesome. The only time I’ve seen him play but I had to go.


Now I can only hope that somehow he can find a way to beat the Warriors this year because man do they look tough.





Pedro Martinez might be the nastiest pitcher that I have ever witnessed in the history of baseball. I don’t remember Dodgers/Expos Pedro but the Boston Red Sox Pedro is down right dominate.

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I always loved watching him pitch. Who didn’t? So he was an easy add to my collection. Not to mention, the energy he brought was unparalleled. Nobody could match the level of excitement and enthusiasm he would bring to each and every start.

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Speaking of Tim Duncan, here he is. No basketball fan can claim to dislike Tim Duncan. He does no wrong. Five championship rings and a San Antonio Spurs rebound away from the Michael Jordan-esque 6-0 Finals record. As a Lebron fan I was glad to see the Ray Allen shot. But damn what a legacy nonetheless.

I’ve always been a big Tim Duncan fan. If I could construct a team of my all-time five he’s definitely my four guy, with Shaq or Hakeem Olajuwon rounding out the five. I’m happy to say that I saw him play in the 2013 NBA Finals. We went to game 2 of that series. I got to see legends such as Duncan, Parker, Ginobili, McGrady, LBJ, Wade, Bosh, and Allen. And I got to see this block.

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But enough about Lebron. Back to Mr. Fundamental.

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I got David Robinson on vacation in 2014 in Orlando at NBA City. It was a toss up between him and Shaq and I ultimately chose David Robinson because of the vintage Spurs colors. I still don’t have a Shaq bobblehead but he’s on my list of future purchases.

As a kid I used to like the duo of him and Tim Duncan so he seemed like a great addition to my collection. And as I said I’m a huge sucker for the vintage Spurs look and that pretty much sold me.

So here’s a gif because I kind of love these things.

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Brian McCann was another E-Bay purchase of mine as well. He was in the midst of a record breaking 2014 bobblehead binge. There’s really not too much to say besides I saw this bobblehead on-line. I liked it so I had to have it. Even though he currently did not play for Atlanta during the time of the purchase. He was still a favorite of mine.




I got David Wright with Aaron Rodgers in South Florida as well. One I bought for myself and the other was a Christmas present from my brother. I can’t remember which was which.

Somewhere among my realm of computers exist a picture of me flicking off a wax figure of David Wright at a wax museum. However, this was in 2007 when the Mets were good and were smoking the Braves. In 2014 my disdain towards them had ceased so I added David Wright to my collection.

Aaron Rodgers Bobblehead



Aaron Rodgers. Where do I begin? You were a 2014 purchase as well. You were purchased in South Florida near Palm Beach. But that’s irrelevant. Do you remember when I was down by 61 in a non-PPR league and all I had left was you and Eddie Lacy? It was the semi-finals of my fantasy league  and I needed a win.

Do you remember me flicking your head back and forth asking if you were gonna do it for me?

I remember Eddie Lacy dropping a TD pass in the end zone that would’ve perfectly gave me the victory by one point.

But on the next possession, never fear, Aaron Rodgers is here. You hit Jordy Nelson for a fifty plus yard touchdown and a victory for John Stoeter. And we went on to cap off my first and only fantasy championship; so for that I thank you.


Thanks for getting my name on the ax forever to be engraved as your 2014 Fantasy Champion.


Sincerely, John Stoeter

Lebron James Bobblehead (Heat)



The first of the basketball bobbles so of course I had to get Lebron James. I got him shortly after that Upton/Simmons trip in Atlanta. It started with the Fab Five and then I didn’t get another bobblehead for another four years. And then just kinda went ham in the year of 2014. And 15′. And 16′. But Lebron will always be the first NBA bobble in the collection.

Justin Upton Bobblehead



I got this Justin Upton bobblehead during the same trip that I got the Andrelton Simmons bobblehead. At one point in time Justin Upton was my favorite player on the Braves. But those times are over with considering we traded that team. However, he will always have a place in the Stoeter Bobblehead Collection.

Andrelton Simmons Bobblehead



The next bobble to the collection is Andrelton Simmons, another Curacao native. I got him at a Braves game in 2014 on my birthday or the day after. I can’t remember.

I miss you Andrelton. Dansby Swanson has made this break up easier but I still think about you from time to time. Speaking of Dansby, I’m excited to snag his bobblehead this summer. But regardless, you’re the GOAT when it comes to defensive shortstops. May the force be with you in Los Angeles and maybe our paths will cross once again.

Andrelton Simmons appreciation gif:

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