Brian McCann was another E-Bay purchase of mine as well. He was in the midst of a record breaking 2014 bobblehead binge. There’s really not too much to say besides I saw this bobblehead on-line. I liked it so I had to have it. Even though he currently did not play for Atlanta during the time of the purchase. He was still a favorite of mine.

Justin Upton Bobblehead



I got this Justin Upton bobblehead during the same trip that I got the Andrelton Simmons bobblehead. At one point in time Justin Upton was my favorite player on the Braves. But those times are over with considering we traded that team. However, he will always have a place in the Stoeter Bobblehead Collection.

Andrelton Simmons Bobblehead



The next bobble to the collection is Andrelton Simmons, another Curacao native. I got him at a Braves game in 2014 on my birthday or the day after. I can’t remember.

I miss you Andrelton. Dansby Swanson has made this break up easier but I still think about you from time to time. Speaking of Dansby, I’m excited to snag his bobblehead this summer. But regardless, you’re the GOAT when it comes to defensive shortstops. May the force be with you in Los Angeles and maybe our paths will cross once again.

Andrelton Simmons appreciation gif:

Andrelton Simmons GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Andruw Jones Bobblehead



Andruw Jones is either the fourth or fifth bobblehead to the collection. I can’t remember if I got him or Michael Vick first. But he is also an E-Bay buy as well. He was purchased in 2010. He is the last member of the Stoeter Fab Five. And believe it or not, I didn’t buy another bobblehead until 2014. And things got a little serious after that.

Tim Hudson Bobblehead



Tim Hudson is the second bobblehead that is in the collection. He’s a part of the Stoeter Fab Five. I got him at a Braves game as well. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

There was a wheel of fortune type spin wheel with multiple prizes. I just so happened to land on the Tim Hudson bobble and the rest is history.

Gary Sheffield Bobblehead



This is the OG of my bobblehead collection. This is the first bobble that I got that I still have in my collection. I remember having a Jeff Kent and a Kurt Angle bobblehead back in the day but I don’t know what happened to them.

I got this bobble at a Braves game in 2003. Mr. Sheffield stayed in the box until 2010 until I decided to open him. That’s how he stayed so safe. A drunken Dan once broke him but it was the cleanest break I’ve ever seen on a bobblehead so I super-glued him back together; and he still remains the OG Bobble of the collection.

Chipper Jones Bobblehead



The third bobblehead to make the collection is Chipper Jones who made his arrival in 2010. I got him at a Braves game as well. Chipper, Tim Hudson, and Sheffield together have each lived in eight different houses tied for the total amount of houses for a bobble.

He’s a part of the Stoeter Fab Five that really started my collection. The Fab Five includes Sheffield, Hudson, Chipper, Vick, and Andruw Jones.