Aaron Rodgers Bobblehead



Aaron Rodgers. Where do I begin? You were a 2014 purchase as well. You were purchased in South Florida near Palm Beach. But that’s irrelevant. Do you remember when I was down by 61 in a non-PPR league and all I had left was you and Eddie Lacy? It was the semi-finals of my fantasy league  and I needed a win.

Do you remember me flicking your head back and forth asking if you were gonna do it for me?

I remember Eddie Lacy dropping a TD pass in the end zone that would’ve perfectly gave me the victory by one point.

But on the next possession, never fear, Aaron Rodgers is here. You hit Jordy Nelson for a fifty plus yard touchdown and a victory for John Stoeter. And we went on to cap off my first and only fantasy championship; so for that I thank you.


Thanks for getting my name on the ax forever to be engraved as your 2014 Fantasy Champion.


Sincerely, John Stoeter

Michael Vick Bobblehead (Falcons)



Michael Vick is the only football player to make it into the Fab Five. However, in common with the other bobbles, he hails from Atlanta. I got Michael online rather than an actual game. He was adopted.

Interesting fact about the Stoeter Fab Five: they are the only bobbles to make it to my one semester tenure in a college dorm room.